Sunday, 14 August 2016

SX Magazine, August 2016

Hello dear readers,

The third issue of the SX Magazine is finally available for you on ISSUU and Flickr.

We faced several problems while working on this new issue, and this caused us to delay the release of the magazine. We apologize for this, but we also guarantee you that each we put our usual effort in each of the articles you'll find within the magazine.

After revealing you the names of the judges for the Photography categories of the SX Magazine Awards, in this new issue you'll finally find the names of the Judges for the Movie categories.

In this issue, G returns with his hard-hitting investigative skills and takes a look at the poly-amorous community of SL. Our popular recurring 'Him&Her' concept is back with Leigh giving us a scintillating look at the DoggyStyle sexual position; commentary again graciously provided by Jenny, Scotty, NP, and Kernian. And Virgil has a truly engaging interview with Sparta, looking at the widest spectrum of personal relationships in SL, both the highs and the lows.

SX Magazine will be back in September with the Nominations for the SX Magazine Awards. Stay tuned !

Monday, 1 August 2016


Dear readers,

We decided to create the SX Magazine Awards to celebrate our special bound with the creators and players of the SL adult industry. You answered to us with hundreds of entires for the contest, way beyond our best expectations. The SX Magazine Awards are a success, and this is because you decided to join it. For us of the editorial staff each of those entries is a measure of you love, and we couldn't be more grateful to each of you for that. The SL adult industry is wonderful family, and we are proud to be part of it. THANK YOU to each of you.

A huge part of this success is credit of our amazing Judges, that accepted to join us in this adventure. You already know the names of the Judges for the Photography Categories, you'll find out the names of the Judges for the Movies Categories in the new issue of SX Magazine that will be released shortly. THANK YOU to  all of our wonderful Judges.

The organization of the SX Magazine Awards has been a perfect example of teamwork, and we could have not done it with the outstanding effort of Monique, Katina and Maya, the generous help of Andy and Madame Butterfly, and the loving support of Serenity. To each of you my most sincere THANK YOU.

The Nominations for each category will be revealed in the September issue of SX Magazine. Stay tuned !

You all made the SX Magazine Awards a big event, and we'll celebrate it properly. For this reason, the winners will be announced in a Gala Night, to which all the applicants are invited. You will receive a formal invite in the next weeks.

This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come.