Friday, 30 June 2017

Bigger, Better, Blogger !

Hello dear readers,

Just a year ago we published the first issue of the SX Magazine. Our target was to offer you a product who should have been different from most of the SL publications, focusing our effort on the quality of the contents, either articles or photos. A year after the release of that first issue, we're happy to announce a new beginning for the SX Magazine. We're switching our publications from an inworld book to a blog based magazine. This way we'll be able to offer you a more dynamic product, with new contents and a wider range of articles, where we'll be able to go deep in every topic, investigating each aspect of it.

Last year to celebrate the birth of the magazine, we decided to organize the first edition of the SX Magazine Awards. We're happy to announce you that the SX Magazine Awards will be back this year too, with new categories and awards, once again to celebrate the outstanding talents of our amazing community. More information about the Awards will be coming very soon, so stay tuned !

As you did last year, come join us on our journey in this amazing world of SL sex, art and entertainment !