Saturday, 1 July 2017

In Bed with Isla.... Interviews Larry Vinaver

Welcome to this first issue of "In bed with Isla" where each month I will have the pleasure of inviting some of SLs leading participants in the adult industry to share my bed covers in exchange for a little chat...
In this first interview I met Larry Vinaver... and I was lucky enough to manage to lure him into my bed for a chat..

Isla:- So Larry, you won the SX Magazine award for  Best Actor, can you tell me how that felt??

Larry:- It feels a great honour and privilege to have been awarded that title for 2 successive years, the Golden Cock awards in 2015, and then the SX Magazine Award in 2016 , Isla......I am grateful most importantly to the fans who have turned out for me to vote and the great people with whom I have had the privilege to work with over those years that have made that award possible. It is a marvellous feeling to win , I am both humbled and elated at the same time

Isla:- Last year you won the award for your work in Stepford Sluts. How was that??

Larry:- It was a ground making movie in SL Porn, acclaimed as an award winner for Club E, winning a Golden Cock in the 2016 Porn Awards. It involved over 100 actors!

Isla:- I saw the cast list, it must have been madness for the director to co-ordinate?

Larry:-  its was quite a feat to get us all together at the right time and to get scenes perfect for final cuts; many were shot I know and some might one day make their way onto the dvd lol

Isla:- So i have to ask, how did you get into the porn industry in SL in the first place?

Larry:- I had some lucky breaks .....I think that attending a few beach parties with a few medallions and a moustache seemed to amuse some and got me noticed as a regular; I was actually auditioned by Miss Emily by having sex with a woman in front of the guests; it went very well:-)) I later signed to be an extra in the movie 'Legs wide Spread' after starring in a movie called 'Mutual Pleasure' and was hired by Miss Em's Studio directly afterwards. I have been lucky in that I have continued my roles as extras in several movies but they are now classed as 'cameo appearances ' lol.

Isla:- you mentioned your look got you noticed, Was there any reason behind it.. do you feel it has helped you?

Larry:- Well I was turned down flat as a model by a now defunct and discredited studio. I did find that appearing in Aroused Magazine and Playhouse did help me get hired by Dogstar Productions. The look was a little porn stereotype I admit and that is why i chose it , however after a few modifications I believe its unique enough to be called mine, any imitation i view as flattery:-))

 Isla:- You have worked as Helios in Mythos, and now also working on False Friends, the new production by VIR Studios.. how have you found the experience?

Larry:- I found working on the stories was a fun and interesting project, Helios is a great character and I love playing him. It was also great to work with established friends as well as making some new ones too...I do think that we have all boosted the sales of Deadwool and various other SL companies by promoting their extreme good fashion as well as featuring in a very captivating and well prepared serialised tale such as Mythos is.....I am looking forward to continuing on the work of False Friends as it will be another sensation I am sure!

Isla:- Obviously your work must take up a lot of your time, how else do you spend your SL?

I find that when I am not shooting for movies or modelling the best relaxation is attending social events and parties as well as relaxing and surfing at Surfers bay or Breakwater/pretty beach. I have a love of cars and motorcycles with several in my collection that i race at several tracks here.....I also have sporting interests here, along with some battle re-enactments ....My love of fashion and shopping for clothing I include in work as I usually get photographed wearing anything i buy lol.

Isla:- Battle re-enactments? I didn't know those even existed in SL

Larry:- well they are groups, i belong to a US civil war society.  i have my confederate uniforms as well and my union ones...i double as a spy lol

Isla:- *laughs* Sounds like a movie plot you could star in next.

Isla:- After working in so many movies, is there any sign of retirement ?

Larry:- well only of slowing down, Isla....I am appearing more in cameo roles and as an extra which seem to 'add' a little 'style' to producers' movies , i am also still getting quite a few offers for roles..I have done 44 movies so far with one about to be released and two in conference stages

Isla:- that is quite some career, and one I suppose you could never retire fully from, as I am sure you enjoy your work too much to give it up entirely. not to mention the public outcry from us ladies if you did.. *laughs*

Larry:-  hahah i do indeed, and in the paraphrase of the song; 'i'm just a 'guy' who can't say no' lol and as long as they like to employ me and for as long as people say 'OMG, YOU'RE HIM!' i shall love to star in them:-))

By this time Larry had already managed to strip me of my clothes so it is time for me to shimmy under the covers and get to know him better... see you next time!!