Saturday, 3 December 2016

SX Magazine Awards - Nominations for Best Movie

Hello there once again, dear SX-iest readers!

We are close now. Veeeerrrry close. Not only to the awards ceremony itself, but also to having all of the categories and their nominees covered. But we have kept some of the best for last. Today, we bring you the first of the two highly coveted "end-product" awards. Let's get right into it, shall we?

The nominees for the SX Magazine Award for Best Movie are:

Empire (By Isabelle Cheviot)

The Women of Fire Valley (by Dillon Lecker)

Onyx Blaze 
(by Ravi Redfield)

Secret Fuck Tapes Vol "S" (by Christion Sparta)

Alexa in Wonderland (by Alexa Topaz-Rodgers)

Not surprisingly, some of these movies are what got their respective creators nominations for the Best Director award. Please take a look at the movies (again, if necessary), because these are truly inspiring pieces of work.

Best of luck to the nominees!

The SX magazine Awards is a VIR Studios event, offered by Orgazamz Club[Celestial Estates], and Angels of Savage Gardens

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