Friday, 15 September 2017


model: Enki (pulsat grut)

' To Emote or not to Emote, that is the question... '

I confess it, I'm an emoter. It's at the beginning of my SL journey where I got sucked in a RP sim that I learned how to match words and animations to give a more realistic touch to this virtual experience.

When I started working as a stripper I perfected the noble art of emoting, and understood that using the right words you can make to open all the...doors. Alright, Alright, almost all.

A good emoting paired with a wise menu control can turn a simple poseball hopping ( nobody is judging you, hoppers! ) in something very sensual, so realistic that somebody is caught in a sort of performance anxiety if they doubt their emoting skills.

Anyhow not everybody likes to emote when their avatar is having a good time, as they prefer to keep their fingers busy somewhere else than the keyboard.

Charlotte (charlottexoxoxo), Kisses Karu, Mataralia, Jori Jewell (joreigh) and Isla (islagrace) shared with us their emoting experiences.

Emotes, Yes or No? Why? 

Charlotte: Yes, although I don't emote the traditional way. I set my own rules. It has to be tasteful, in the heat of the moment, writing in 1st person type of emoting. It doesn't need to be a full sentence nor forever teasing the (poor) guy. Get down to business and do it well ;).

Kisses: No, I never was an emoter nor a role play type of person. I find the typing takes to long and by time you are done what they call a "scene" it's been hours. I find some even do it on voice which sounds just silly to me. I find I need more of a connection, not a chat where I feel like I have read this erotic book and just parts are being typed out to me.

Mataralia: Def Yes! I don't have any problem with poser lovers, but my feeling is that if you want to really make something special, you need to emote. It's like involve a part of you, a real one into the situation making it important. I love a partner who takes her time to write what she feels or wants, enjoying the moment, waiting for the next post of each one like writing together an story (sexual and erotic one) of such encounter.

Isla: I personally adore emotes, I find that the brain is one of the best organs to stimulate! If you can do that then the rest follows *winks*  I am not one for full on flowncy emoting.. I won't tell you which way the wind was blowing in and all that jazz, I like a well constructed couple of sentences , something I can react to.. (I don't like  being told I am doing something or feeling something!)  and in para-RP... when they are typing it gives me chance to tease myself.. its a whole massive build up! My typing may go to hell near a climax, but hey, its a sign I am enjoying it .. laughs!

Share with us a tale of your emoting experiences

Charlotte:  I'm a high end escort and one client had us emoting him being run over by an imaginary car. He was on the ground and I was driving! Very odd, but you cannot help your fetishes can you?!

Kisses: I dated a man for over a year, he was always emoting and I just couldn't get into it.  He would send me poetry and they would always being scenes or his rp persona and said they were made for me, till I googled all the poems and I found out they were not his and some of the emotes were from love novel. So yeah so not a fan of emotes

 Mataralia: Uff I have many of them that I do't know wich one to put, and HEY! I'm a gentelman, and a gentelman dont tell such things ;)

Isla: I am blessed with some wonderful friends who I enjoy RPing/emoting with, some have words so powerful that I haven't even needed to be on the same sim as them to have sex!  Imagination is a powerful tool when used correctly.

That said I have also had my fair share of "duds"..  Sometimes, when the inner slut needs to be let out.. she leads me to picking up random men for a wanton fuck.. this can mean a mix of abilities but one man that springs to mind looked soooo damn hot.  I laid on a table.. and waited.. and emoted.. and his response was "I put it in"... AHAAH!.. I emoted again.. and he said "I fuck you..".. and before I could even manage to get the next emote out he said "I cum in you"... then hopped off the ball and walked away!

And you? Do you like to emote or you hate it? What's your crazy/funny/embarassing emoting tale? Share it with us in comments


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  2. Always sound advice ...I like to try my best but I am in my own opinion not as good a some but no worse than some others; having heard a few 'horror stories' I can definitely identify with the thoughts of the above panel; great work, folks!