Sunday, 15 May 2016

SX Magazine is born !

Hello and welcome to SX Magazine!

You got it right, this magazine is about sex. You may like it or not, but sex is a large part of Second Life. The industry is huge and fascinating, and can open your world to an abundance of possibilities you never experienced or even thought of yet.  Sex is also our passion, and for this reason we decided to create SX Magazine. Through our open approach to each topic, we want to share that passion with you.

While you will find stunning, arousing, and downright naughty art here, we pride ourselves on being a magazine that focuses on the wonderful individuals and concepts of the sex industry. We aren't centered around page volume so much as bringing you quality photos and information with each issue. We are all about the buildup and release of interesting ideas, viewpoints, and information. Because we love the SL sex industry, its artisans and concepts, we've decided to kick off the birth of SX Magazine by organizing the SX Magazine Awards. The awards are open to photographers, models, directors and actors. This is our way of celebrating the SL adult business and its people, showing everyone in our second world what our wonderful artists can create.

Please come join us on our journey of this amazing world of SL sex, art, and entertainment.

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