Sunday, 15 May 2016

SX Magazine, May 2016

Hello dear readers,

In this issue of SX Magazine, Virgil, our ruggedly handsome founder, brings you an interview with the amazingly talented, erotic photographer Tatiana Easterwood.  The charismatic Jee Crazyboi gives you an interesting perspective on the differences between SL porn and art.  Gaheris, our compelling and experienced BDSM life-styler, draws on his frame of reference from both real life and Second Life, to discuss the different aspects of each. You'll meet the stunning Auntie Luscious, who, in her years of SL, has tried it all and is eager to share her experiences with you. And finally, our ravishing Kayla Bombastic will delight you the his and hers perspectives on popular sexy positions, this round featuring fellatio. 

Join us in this new adventure, and enjoy the run!

You can read the May issue on Issuu and Flickr and get your copy for free on Marketplace


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