Sunday, 14 August 2016

SX Magazine, August 2016

Hello dear readers,

The third issue of the SX Magazine is finally available for you on ISSUU and Flickr.

We faced several problems while working on this new issue, and this caused us to delay the release of the magazine. We apologize for this, but we also guarantee you that each we put our usual effort in each of the articles you'll find within the magazine.

After revealing you the names of the judges for the Photography categories of the SX Magazine Awards, in this new issue you'll finally find the names of the Judges for the Movie categories.

In this issue, G returns with his hard-hitting investigative skills and takes a look at the poly-amorous community of SL. Our popular recurring 'Him&Her' concept is back with Leigh giving us a scintillating look at the DoggyStyle sexual position; commentary again graciously provided by Jenny, Scotty, NP, and Kernian. And Virgil has a truly engaging interview with Sparta, looking at the widest spectrum of personal relationships in SL, both the highs and the lows.

SX Magazine will be back in September with the Nominations for the SX Magazine Awards. Stay tuned !

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