Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The wait is over

Hello dear readers,

as many of you know, when we created the SX Magazine, we decided to organize the SX Magazine Awards, to celebrate the skills and creativity of the wonderful players of this community that we consider like a family, and of which we are proud to be part.

 A few months after this adventure began, I'm happy to announce you that in the next month of December, we'll announce the winners of the competition in a Gala Night, to which ALL the applicants are invited. You'll recive a formal invite shortly. So many of you joined us in this idea, making the Awards a  great event already, and we are grateful to each of you.

In the first part of the operations, our Judges selected a group of five candidates among which in a second round, they will chose the winner of each Category. These five nominations will be announced in the next days, starting from Today.

Today we'll announce the nominations for the Categories Best Actor, and Best Female Model. 

This is just the beginning, join us in this exciting adventure.

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