Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Emily - SX Magazine Awards Video Categories Judge

Hello again faithful blog reader types,

Our next interview with a video category judge is of galactic proportions. Really, Emily should not be unknown to most of you. Host of the longest running official porn star party, and producer of countless movies (ok, well, the count is actually below but I don't want to spoil it). Here is a deeper look at this prolific porn icon.

Photo by Maya-el Kusumah

In Emily's Words:
Emily has been making porn for 5 years, in those 5 years she has made and been in about 150 movies, 133 she directed!!! Since were comparing this to the sexist awards in 2015 she won Sexiest  best movie & Sexiest  best director for her work in 2014's Legs Wide Spread, Sexiest  Awards Lifetime achievement award and she still hasn't retired yet, elevating Second Life porn to a whole other level with her epically successful erotic space adventure series; Intergalactic SLUTS, which is currently on it's 2nd season.

I got started producing movies...
Emily: Because in 2011 Movies were the biggest, that was the main focus in SL porn and I had some experience in making some very simple movies and enjoined it more than photos

I enjoy being a producer because...
Emily: I can tell a story and be WAY more creative with a movie than a picture. And I enjoy give people the "Movie Star" experience in SL.

I draw inspiration from... 
Emily: Early days Serenity and Thorgal, but our styles are different so now I love going to the movies in the theater where movies are meant to be watch and taking it all in and thinking how I could do some of the biggest scene with the limitations of SL.

The best way to deliver the story in a movie is...  (eg. subtitles, captions, the imagery itself... )
Emily: Most movies are 2 people telepathically linked, starring at each other and say "Want to fuck". Sound tracks are best, but they have the limitation of following dialog.  Currently I write the story out on a computer screen like giving a report and got that idea, from video games that write out your "mission" before you start.

The optimal length for a movie is... 
Emily: 7 minutes, Because attention spans are short and to me I don't see anyone wanking to pixel porn over real porn, if they do great.

Full in-world scenery or green screen? 
Emily: Gosh both. I'm lucky I can afford a Homestead just to make movies on and I have SL largest green screen  a 1024 meter diameter sphere. The green screens are mostly for space flight, but I could see shooting a whole movie in one.  I build most all my sets as well.

Producing a movie involves... (eg. commentary on steps, time to conceptualize/plan/shoot/edit...)
Emily: Simple movies for me use to take 4 days of editing 4-6 hours perday. shooting use to take 2 hours and set building 4 hours or so.  Now for me it's 3 weeks of editing, planning starts 5 months ahead and sets are usually built 2-3 months ahead. I filmed one episode in January because the site had to be use for another set. the episode was released in July.

A successful actress/actor is... 
Emily: Prepared, alert, seen, and works there butt off. Show up prepared, don't go afk cause as soon as you do something about you will need changed. Seen when your not on set make sure you go to parties and getting pictures done so your not forgotten.

I would work with an actor/acctress again because... (eg appearance, personality, dependability...)
Emily: Dependability is HUGE most have no idea how HUGE!!! August 2015 I started looking for new cast members for Intergalactic SLUTS Season 2 which was to start shooting late January 2016.  I made a list and watched people took some in and helped advise them. I want people that look fantastic, do what they say they will and show up when they are suppose to. And if they have something like "Warning I'm a Bitch" written in there profile. no thank you stay away.

A new actor/actress can most benefit from... 
Emily: Experience, there are many directors that will use new people and I would prefer they get some experience there and see how normal movies are made before being on my set. Many directors look for newish people and love saying they put them in there first movie. When I say newish I don't mean people looking like noobs.

A new producer can most benefit from... 
Emily: Experience, get into movies, watch how other directors work, figure out why they do what they do when they do it. You don't need to ask a bunch of questions, just remember what you seen at the shoot and then see final product and figure out how it was all done. Movie magic!!

What will you be looking for, in general, from a well produced adult video?
Emily: I want to see a nice set, the more details the better. Great animation and properly adjusted. if they go to a club and use freebie animations it's not going to look very good unless they can adjust. A story is nice, anyone can put 2 people on pose balls and hump. Sound, Nothing worse than a completely silent movie. Originality, Stripper and a lap dance is so over done. I would love to see something never done in SL before with life like animations on a beautifully decorated set with some kind of story.
And I can usually tell how much work went in to these productions, I mean a movie filmed and uploaded in 2 hours should never beat one that took months to make.

The SX magazine Awards is a VIR Studios event, offered by Orgazamz Club[Celestial Estates], and Angels of Savage Gardens


  1. Great interview Emily :) So true about working your butt off and learning from other people, def get to know other directors and how they work!! We need more directors in SL!