Monday, 22 January 2018

The Adult Industry Walk of Fame

Hello dear Readers,
With the Febraury 6th party by the VIR Studios HQ, we finally opened to public the Adult Industry Walk of Fame, with which we want to celebrate the biggest contributors of the SL Adult Industry, of which we're honored to be a part. The Walk of Fame is designed not only as as a tribute, but also like a bridge to connect the new generation of pornstars with the producers and models who made this business so awesome.

During the party were announced the names of the first 10 inductees of the Walk of Fame, which are:


RUFF BROCCO ( director )



HARD RUST ( director )

JASMINE SKYWARD ( producer )


QUINN YING ( director & actress )

MIDNIGHT SHINJA ( photographer )

MISS EMILY ( director )

In the next we'll publish a series of interviews to the inductees, with which you'll have a chance to get to know better the inductees of this first round.

We will add 5 more names to the Walk of Fame every 3 months. The names of the 5 new inductees for every round will be chosen by a committee, but any resident can suggest the name of a member they think is worthy of the nomination, or to purpose themselves for the addition. To do that, take the notecard you can find here.

The Adult Industry Walk of Fame is open to public, and you can come visit it anytime here.

We're looking forward to see you !

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