Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Adult Industry Walk of Fame - Quinn Ying

Q visited the VIR Studios HQ to receive her Lifetime Achievement Award

If you've been a part of the SL Porn business for a handful of years, you've surely stumbled in on a number of self proclaimed King/Queen's of Porn. Some more, some less, but above any King and Queen of the world, there's always a God. This is even more right in the porn business where you will even have the one and only Goddess of Porn, Quinn Ying. Since her first times in the business Q has been a total innovator, both in front and behind the camera. Q brought innovations that within the years have become a standard for all the members of the community. In those years Q has probably been the purest example of a Porn star in SL. A role that she embraced completely, even with her lifestyle. For this reason it was an obvious decision for the SX Magazine to assign her the Lifetime Achievement Award in last edition of the SX Magazine Awards, and finally to add her in the Adult Industry Walk of Fame as a first ballot inductee.

How did you become the Goddess of Porn ?

Q - Short after joining SL, I ran into a machinima site and found the movies of Emmanuelle Jameson and Priscila Balogh ( they then became my role models! ). That seemed to me something really hot that could feed my kinks and keep me busy. I was experimenting a lot with my avatar, as an early fan of breast implants I was all crazy about modifying my body to make it more luscious. At the same time I started doing my photos trying out an experimental viewer showing shadows. My first photos landed on Flickr, so I became known there in the first SL community on that site. And It's from my Flickr followers that I got the first invites to take part at porn parties! It was the summer of 2010, and it all started from there!

Sounds like it's been easy.

Q - Not really. At that time I met my first BF in SL. He was a director, very busy, and we started dating. I was excited to be in one of his movies, but he did it all to keep me away from the porn business for good. So I started looking around, meeting other directors I knew through the Porn stars group chat. At first I found it hard to have a part, because no one ever shot a movie with an actress using breasts implants!

Did you ever think to change your look to get a role?

Q - Well, not really. I held on, keeping my implants well tinted so they could blend with my skin. It was a basic skill, necessary to use heels too.

When did you finally get casted or a role?

Q - That situation lasted few months, until Pelon Beaton casted me for my first movie, and at the end of September I debuted in porn with two movies the same day. He was a very prolific, but contrasted, director.

Contrasted ?

Q -
At that time already, the debate in the porn community was between long movies with convos, characters and a storyline, and the gonzo style, quantity, and a lot of banging scenes.

And on which side do you stand ?

Q - As a director I strongly preferred films with a good rhythm, a brief intro to keep the viewer focused and then move to the main part, the porn scenes! I think the main purpose of a porn movie is to get the viewer aroused.

But in your movies there's much more than arousal. For example, you've been the first director in SL to shoot a film using shadows.

Q - Oh yes,it is 'Sunset at Abrico'.  At that time the vanilla SL viewers didn't support lighting effects, so I used the same viewer I was using for photos. To me working to make better movies felt like giving back.

What's the movie you're most proud of ?

Q - Having to choose between my movies, I'd pick "Summer Wine" it's been a huge work on building sets and experimenting on effects. It's still an unsurpassed film for the light effects, even after so many years. At the time I was hoping to sparkle some kind of evolution, but it came too early. Films using dynamic effects and shadows became mainstream only a couple years after.

Did you really star in more than 100 movies?

Q - 130, last time I counted them.

Wow !

Q - A couple dozen of those movies were mines, the others have been shoot by other directors. That doesn't take into account the movies that for some reason has never been released. Within a couple of years from my debut I had been casted a lot, with an average of one movie per week, out of the ton of photo shoots I modeled for.

Did you ever act in a non-porn movie?

Q - Oh yes. They were mostly focused on me. Directors made me dance or just walk in sims with spectacular landscapes

You became an icon?

Q - Directors picked me for the way I looked I think, but I also think they appreciated my experience and being professional. As a director I can say that you can't pick up random people to be actor in your movies.

How was your rapport with the other directors ?

Q - Well when modeling, I had to follow the directors kinks, so that left me a lot to express. Being a pervert is a quality I value al lot, even in potential partners, so when a director is able to express it in his movies, to me is the best situation. I'm a strong exibitionist and need to show myself performing obscene and bizarre sex acts.

How would you define a pervert ?

Q - A pervert is someone whose arousal can be triggered from something outside the usual, standard coitus. It's someone able to use and express its creativity in turning something you wouldn't expect or otherwise unrelated to the sex act, into something able to blow your mind an make you get off!

Earlier you said that 'Summer Wine' is the movie you're most proud of. But it also represent a turning point in your SL experience.

Q - Yes, before that movie all my attention was focused on porn, being noticed and be a part of the business. At some point I felt I needed something different. I kept releasing movies and acting in them, but with a different mood and intention. I started to focus on my feelings and affects, tried to build a family around me. All I wanted was someone to invest my time, and feelings on. I also worked a lot on my store, now I am the second seller of mesh cocks after Aeros. Not being at the centre of attention anymore, now I can better focus on what really matters to me.

Are you happy?

Q - Yes, I can say that at this point I'm very happy of my SL life.


  1. What a wonderful interview of a wonderful person

  2. Thanks Emma :) Looking forward to interview you

  3. very nice interview indeed... and wonderful person even more...
    I do remember how Summer Wine was indeed a big influence... I still have that idea to remake/tribute to that somewhere on my to-do list!