Wednesday, 20 July 2016

SX Magazine Awards - Arnno Planer ( Photography Categories )

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it's time for Monique's interview with Arnno Planer, the one and original Paparazzi of SL, as well as the fourth judge for the SX Magazine Awards for the Photography Categories. Arnno has a special eye for the most original and detailed individuals of SL, so be sure to read this interview to catch his attention

Arnno Planer has been part of the SL community since 2007. He joined Flickr in 2012, He claims he is not an artist or a photographer, just a photography addict in SecondLife. He is one of the founders of Snapaholic Group in SL. He also says, he is too lazy to learn Photoshop or Gimp, too lazy to work with poses... Most of His pictures are  candid captures, not organized planned "shoots". His technique of photographing avatars without their knowledge, allows him to work at his own pace, without pressure and to take natural shots. It also earned him the nickname, 'Paparazzo' on Flickr and Second Life.

The perfect photo is....
Arnno: It's a photo not always technically perfect, but with a movement, an emotion that gives something true

A successful model is...
Arnno: a realistic model

A successful photographer is...
Arnno: a photographer who finds truth in small details

Unedited or heavily post-processed images (or somewhere in between)?
Arnno: For me a great pic unedited is better than a great pic with an heavily post-processed

What's the most compelling component of a picture?
Arnno: a style, details and an, aesthetics

What makes you want to work with a model again ?
Arnno: I never know in advance :P

What can a new model benefit most from?
Arnno: I prefer models that bring a natural and honest quality to their look. Something real rather than an overdone image of an ideal.

What can a new photographer benefit most from? 
Arnno: Find something that inspires you. Something that when you see or experience it, pops into your mind as an image that you would be proud of.

I love taking photos because....
Arnno: this is the best way to chat up girls on sl :-) I don't know because in SL it's very easy to test a lot of things in photography. Easier than RL. Very interesting.

Full in-world scenery or green screen?
Arnno: Always full in-world scenery.

Single model or group shots?
Arnno: Both

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  1. Another stellar judge for our panel. We are so excited that such great names in the world of SL photography have agreed to support the SX Magazine Awards.