Thursday, 7 July 2016

SX Magazine Awards - Mrs Spirit Demure-Rust ( Photography Categories )

Hello dear readers,

we decided to show you the full interviews with the judges of the SX Magazine Awards, from which Monique created the articles you can read in the June issue of SX Magazine. Like in the magazine, this series begins with the interview to the wonderful Mrs Spirit Demure-Rust. If you want to know how to impress her, don't miss this interview ;)

Spirit joined SL about six years ago. Of course she was introduced to the world of the seedy and depraved right away, and found a home in Hard Alley.  This is where she met Hard Rust, an icon of depravity in the grand world of SL adult entertainment.  While in SL, she developed a love of creating interesting pictures, as SL offers endless opportunities for creativity.  She is a multiple "Sexiest Awards" winner for photography as well as movie script writing.  She helped to build a beautiful 1950s themed sim with Hard Rust (her partner in crime as well as many other things) and has published a vintage style magazine called "The Living End." She has been a regular contributor to various magazines in SL over the past few years as well. She has also been fortunate to appear as a model for others in a few.  She continues to push her creative boundaries in photography.

The perfect photo is....
Spirit:....something that is meaningful to the person taking the picture. That will be translated into the image, and then will mean something to those who are looking at it.  The viewer ends up being a participant in the experience of the photo, not just a viewer

A successful model is....
Spirit:....willing to take risks, and is flexible. Listens to constructive criticism openly and without bitterness. I feel they also have to have a vision of what they want out of experiences, and what THEY want to communicate to others.

A successful photographer is.... to ideas. Is willing to learn from others.  Pushes their "comfort zone."

Unedited or heavily post-processed images (or somewhere in between)? 
Spirit: I am somewhere in between.  I feel that polishing photos is a given. Imperfections that are purposeful are different from cleaning up seams of head/feet/hands. I am all for imperfections....but technical glitches I feel should be cleaned up. I look for those little things. Otherwise, the art is yours to do with what you like, what you're willing to have represent you as an artist. I like to play with editing on my photos.

What's the most compelling component of a picture?
Spirit: The most compelling part of a picture is how ALL components are put together.  For me, there really isn't one thing, it is the impact it makes (or doesn't make) with all things working together. You could have a great subject, but the composition and lighting sabotage it. Or great lighting, but an uninteresting subject. It is important to think of what you want the impact of the whole picture to be, not pieces.

What makes you want to work with a model again ?
Spirit: For me, a model's personality makes me want to work with them again. Being friendly and open, and respectful.

What can a new model benefit most from?
Spirit: A new model can benefit just by talking to people, and being friendly. Get yourself out there. Take some pictures, get them on flickr.

What can a new photographer benefit most from?
Spirit: Same as above! :D  And not being afraid to experiment.

I love taking photos because.... is an endless source of creativity.  I can make whatever I can think of.  It is a therapy.

Full in-world scenery or green screen? 
Spirit: Mostly full inworld scenery that I put together on my platform.  But, for my own growth I have been dabbling in some green screen.  It is fun to use a green screen, it opens up possibilities, but I like creating physical scenes more.

Single model or group shots? 
Spirit: Single model shoots are easier to coordinate, but I like shooting both.


  1. Thanks again to Spirit for being a judge for the SX awards! We are so privileged to have her part of the panel. Look forward to the release of the other full interviews. :-)

  2. Are they real or tricknogood.