Thursday, 28 July 2016

SX Magazine Awards - Tatiana Easterwood ( Photography Categories )

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it's a special pleasure to complete this series of interviews to the Judges for the Photography categories of the SX Magazine Awards with Tatiana Easterwood, that after being on the first cover page, we consider like the Godmother of SX Magazine. Combing her outstanding graphic skills with her amazing creativity, Tatiana is undeniably one of the greatest photographers whose works you can admire, and her art goes way beyond the boundaries of Second Life. If you wish to improve your skills at photography, Tatiana's works are the examples to look at. Read Tatiana's tips in this interview by Monique LeFry

After a few boring years in SL playing the good wife or the nasty bitch, I decided to spend my time taking snapshots. When I improved a bit my computer drawing skills I started a flickr stream and from this time taking pictures was my main activity in SL.

The perfect photo is....
Tatiana: a photo with a lot of imperfections

A successful model is...
Tatiana: someone who IM photographers and producers several time a day

A successful photographer is...
Tatiana: someone who loves capturing a unique instant of (second) life and who gives sense to it with a touch of aestheticism.

Unedited or heavily post-processed images (or somewhere in between)?)
Tatiana: heavily post-processed images

What's the most compelling component of a picture?
Tatiana: The meaning

What makes you want to work with a model again ?
Tatiana: Appearance of course but it's not the main criteria... It's easy to buy mesh bodies, faces, clothes but the personality can't be bought and it's definitely what makes me want to work with someone or not.

What can a new model benefit most from?
Tatiana: Try to find something unique in your appearance.

What can a new photographer benefit most from?
Tatiana:  Don't be shy and show your feelings through your pictures, no matter what your post editing skills are, just try to be original.

I love taking photos because...
Tatiana:  in SL, you can play easily with the world, the characters, the situations... so a picture is a way to capture a thought, an emotion or a fantasy... like a snapshot of what you have inside your brain

Full in-world scenery or green screen?
Tatiana: 1st step : Green screen with models
               2nd step : full-in-world scenery as background

Single model or group shots?
Tatiana: both but one topic or one idea but must be (as much as possible) a single picture

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  1. Truly an icon in the photography world, so honored to have her on the panel of judges! Thanks Tatiana for the interview!