Friday, 11 August 2017

Hotspot - Old Lar's

( The club's entrance )

Old Lar's has been around for a number of years... originally it was billed as a place for "Older men and younger women"... with sexy striptease on the bar tops, along with great DJs playing their tunes.

In spite of it having gone through various hands now it rests in the careful hands of the new owner Dirk.

The essence of it all remains the same... a fun spot to hang out, DJs playing their music, and of course the sexy Lars Bar Dancers.. but also the patrons are what make this place swing.

( The Old Lar's Dancers on stage )

A steady flow of people pass through the doors each day, with many becoming welcomed regulars. The staff always make sure everyone feels part of the show.

( Patrons at the main dancefloor )

I tracked down Dirk, the current owner to ask him a few things.

SX:- As the most recent owner of Lar's, how do you see things for it's future? 

Dirk:- Well i see the future of Lars as very bright.....I think people are really enjoying  working there, ...I've laxed some of the older rules in an attempt to make the place less strict and in turn, hopefully, more fun..I think its starting to pay off as I'm seeing older patrons returning to the club which is great , and many people have told me the place has a very positive vibe to it again.  Thats the kind of stuff I love to hear ...It means that my management staff and myself are doing something right

As far as things I've changed? ....not much really.....the look of the original club is still there , we've added a naughty playground upstairs for patrons to use if they please  We have also added a naughty beach were we have beach parties every saturday. There's a foam ballroom for special foam parties when we get the whim. So yes we have made some improvements for the better I believe.

( The Naughty Upstairs Spot )

SX:- Lar's continues to be a popular destination... Why do you think that is?

Dirk:- Well honestly I think Lars has a bit of old SL nostalgia to it . For many people this was their first adult club that they frequented. So it has a special place in many peoples hearts, including myself.. For others it's just the simple fact that sex sells lol..But I think mainly its because we are a friendly place to hang out ...we accept everybody at Lar's ..we don't have age limits for new avi's , like some clubs do , we welcome the new and the old... As long as people behave and are respectful of others , they are allowed to get their groove on. 

SX:- How do you see Lar's differing from other clubs on the grid?

Dirk:- I think we, as a smaller club project a much more intimate setting really feels like an old style pub.... definately our old school charm sets us apart. We have some of the sexiest and experienced dancers and DJ's in SL, some have worked here for years

On the flip side we have quite a few newer dancers and DJ's as well...Our music genre also has no boundaries ..DJ's are free to play just about anything they you can always find music you Well I guess thats all I have to say ....Stop by sometime and judge for yourself :)

( One of Lar's DJs setting the hall on fire )

Dirk is right.. it does have an older charm about it, it isn't trying to be something it's not... so please do  check it out for yourself here at Old Lar's

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