Tuesday, 29 August 2017

It's SX Magazine Awards time again !

Hello dear readers,

A year ago we decided to celebrate the birth of the SX Magazine creating the SX Magazine Awards. We're happy to announce that the Awards will be back for the 2017 Edition, and they will be bigger ! In fact we decided to add two new categories, so this year will be assigned awards for:

Best Erotic Photo
Best Explicit Photo
Best Photographer
Best Female Model
Best Male Model
Best Movie
Best Storyline
Best Director

Best Actress
Best Actor

Like last year, the winners will be picked by our panel of judges, chosen among the respected veterans of the Adult Industry. But this year, your vote will matter too, in fact along with the judges panel, the vote is open to every resident to choose their favorite works among the ones submitted ( certain restriction will be applied to ensure that the winners will be chosen by talent rather than popularity ). So this year, 2 awards will be assigned for each category, one assigned by the judges vote, and another assigned through the popular vote.

The first phase of the contest, where you can submit your application for each category, will start next week. It will be announced through a new post where we'll give you all the info to apply. Meanwhile, you can choose which to submit, or start working at a new one ;)

Like last year, the winners will be announced in a Gala Night Event, to which all the applicants are invited.

We can't wait to see what amazing works you produced in this busy year, so share them with us and join the SX Magazine Awards !

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