Friday, 24 November 2017

SX Magazine Awards 2017 - Best Actress

For the BEST ACTRESS CATEGORY, we ask you to choose the female whose performance in the movie you think is the best, judging both her appearance and how fitting it was in an adult movie role. Please look at all the links, and fill in a notecard you'll find in the box at Isla's Gallery.

Is allowed to vote any resident with a Flickr account, or worked in a movie as actor or director. Each voter must vote for 3 actresses of the ones in the list below. Each vote has the same value, regardless of the way they are listed by the voter.

WARNING: Any voting card with less or more than 3 votes or without a link to the voter's Flickr account or movie will be discarded, and his votes will not be assigned to any of the actresses.

1) Sindee

2) Vicki Concertina

3) Ravi Redfield

4) Rachel Avro

5) Racheal Rexen

6) Monique LeFry

7) Kisses Karu

8) Frederika Rayna

9) Curty

10) Carly Mode

11) Candy Kane

12) Britney Fairlady

13) Brea Brianna

It's possible to vote until  Tuesday, December 5th at 5pm SLT


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