Friday, 24 November 2017

SX Magazine Awards 2017 - Best Erotic Photo

For the BEST EROTIC PHOTO CATEGORY, we ask you to choose the photos which you think is the best and most erotic among the ones in the list. In this category are admitted only photos in which it's not clearly represented a sexual action. Please look at all the links, and fill in a notecard you'll find in the box at Isla's Gallery.

Is allowed to vote any resident with a Flickr account, or worked in a movie as actor or director. Each voter must vote for 3 photos of the ones in the list below. Each vote has the same value, regardless of the way they are listed by the voter.

WARNING: Any voting card with less or more than 3 votes or without a link to the voter's Flickr account or movie will be discarded, and his votes will not be assigned to any of the photos.

1) Afternoon nibble

2) Behind the lens

3) best erotic photo

4) britney lounging at the beach

5) By Niki Cole

6) Cool Me Down

7) Deep Sea Diving

8) Falling

9) Just me

10) Lights Out, Bottoms Up

11) Lost in thought

12) Making amends

13) Moments of Fulfillment

14) Needing Her Daddy

15) PRO TIP: Always have your tip well prepared when you are playing pool

16) Seducing Moonie

17) Set Fire To The Rain

18) The photographer and the model

19) Thrust

20) Topless Tuesday - bound by bows

21) Total Exposure

22) What the Hell I'm on Vacation! 10

23) Whip It Out Wednesday

24) Wild Spirit

25) Wrapped-Bodies Part VIII

It's possible to vote until  Tuesday, December 5th at 5pm SLT


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