Tuesday, 22 November 2016

SX Magazine Awards - Nominations for the Best Actor Category

Hello dear readers,

Before the nominations, let me express my gratitude to the guys that sent us their application for this category. A heartfelt THANK YOU to each of you. I expect to see you all at the Gala.

The five actors nominations for the Best Actor Category for the SX Magazine Awards are:

NICASIO ANSAR ( watch Nicasio's movie here )

DACKSTER ( watch Dackster's movie here )

ROB FONSECA ( watch Rob's movie here )

DILLON LECKER ( watch Dillon here )

LARRY VINAVER ( watch Larry's movie here )

The winner for this category will be announced in December in a Gala event, to which all the guys who applied for this category are invited. The date of the Gala will be announced shortly.

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  1. Congrats and best of luck to all the nominees! Wouldn't want to be a judge here. :-)