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Toxxic - SX Magazine Awards Video Categories Judge

Hello dear SX mag enthusiasts and assorted awards interested types,

Time for the next installment in our raw, unedited, unfiltered, and unsweetened inteviews with the video category judges. Up today we have Toxxic, a well established store owner, creative consultant, and video blogger. Please enjoy the raw Q&A we had with her that formed the basis for the interview article published in the August Issue of SX Magazine!

Photo by Maya-el Kusumah

In Toxxic's Words:
I joined Secondlife, August 1st 2009. Explored the virtual world, found love and started a career that is still going strong, 7 years later. I am the creator of a brand called AlterEgo. My store has catered to many different fashion genres over the years, currently we are a full skin/beauty/cosmetic boutique.

I do many things here in Secondlife, create, blog/vlog, organize events, custom freelance, photography... we can say I like to stay busy. Secondlife has opened many doors for my creative soul and I still look forward, every day to see where my journey goes.

You are a highly successful store owner, graphic designer, event organizer, custom artist... the list goes on. Your interest in the adult community is...
Toxxic: I believe my interest in the adult community stems from my promiscuous tendencies. My brand is quite suggestive, sexy, dirty, hardcore, flirty ... we aren't over here painting butterflies. lol. I am a skin designer, every detail that goes into my product, is a reflection from tools I am using as reference. Often, I look at RL porn stars, models, many different types of photographs to incorporate shine, gloss, glisten, wetness ... heh you get the idea. I wouldnt think, that anyone would be surprised that the creator of AlterEgo was doing something inside the adult community. I can do kinky ... ;)

Your video experience I understand is primarily related to vlogging for your different SL stores/programs. You agreed to be a judge for these adult specific movie awards because...
Toxxic: Yass! I received an invitation and quickly accepted! In the letter, it sounded really interesting. I have judged a few contests before, I remember them being quite fun and none of them were porn related, so ++! I tend to be a thrill seeker, so when this came across my desk, how could I say no?

What will you be looking for, in general, from a well produced adult video?
Toxxic: I am probably going to be a picky one for sure. When reviewing films, I am typically looking for accuracy in the edit, quality shooting, storyline and the actors performances. My machinima experience is novice probably, but I know when something looks good and well put together. I also know, how hard it is to make a film, my partner is a film director & editor in RL / also the now RL hubby :P~, so the keys on what to look for in a video you are critiquing ... have been absorbed over the years.

Have you ever done, or considered using your artistic skills to produce adult content?
Toxxic: If this question is referring to adult video, yes I have been tempted, I have been approached to star in a couple things, but due to the nature of my main business here, I have declined. To be honest, its a fantasy that will probably never happen, my sl partner, is my rl partner and he would have none of this happening to his pixel wife! So I am content with basically ... being a tease :)

A movie production is different from a vlog because...
Toxxic: Oh well a Vlog is just you, talking to a camera. A movie actually takes some effort lolol. When I produce Vlogs, they are mainly about topics I am either ranting about or trying to teach people something. I am not acting,  I am very real in these videos. Also, most of my Vlogs are live streamed, so skips countless hours in post. Movies, take dedication, time, lots of time, patience, gah just so much goes in to them. My Vlogs haha are just different outlets I use to express whatever is going on in my head at the moment.

I got started doing videos because...
Toxxic: LOL! Well to be quite honest, I started to do videos because I wanted to show my hubbs and our friend, Rysan Fall I could do this too and probably better! Ha Ha, the point of "I can do this too" completed, and the point of "better", still working on it! I have never created a full film or anything to the degree these two have, I dont know even that I have the patience. My stuff is hobby-ish and fun. These two win awards, so ... ya know *looks away*

I enjoy producing videos because...
Toxxic: I like to be able to show, how I see Secondlife to my community of followers. I feel like, we all see this place in a different view. I find it interesting to watch others creative juices flow, so with that same enjoyment, I offer up my POV.

I draw inspiration in my videos from...
Toxxic: Oh! I am a Music Video LoveRRRR! I can sit on Youtube for hours and hours, looking at music videos I have seen 100 times. It inspires me though, to come inworld and try and capture the same effect, look and feel. It will even light a fire to where I create in general, better. Music really does play a huge part in what level of awesome I can create here.

The best way to deliver the story in a movie is...  (eg. subtitles, captions, voice-over, the imagery itself... )
Toxxic: I would say Voice-Over and Imagery. But the story has to be good. Like in my opinion, no good story = no one cares.

The optimal length for a movie is...
Toxxic: Feature Film 1hr 30min
Short film no more than 20 minutes

Full in-world scenery or green screen?
Toxxic: Personally I like inworld scenery, but green screen is good to use for certain aspects that can't be achieved otherwise.

Producing a video involves... (eg. commentary on steps, time to conceptualize/plan/shoot/edit...)
Toxxic: For me, my videos are pretty small scale, but I do the same motions as bigger productions. Scout locations, search music, gather actors, draw a storyboard, test shoot, character creation / styling, etc etc lol. Its a process, even on the low end of the totem pole.

a successful actress/actor is...
Toxxic: Someone who can embrace their roles, whole heartedly, devote countless hours to rehearsal and probably have a great work ethic over all. A successful actor, sells it, lives it, breathes it.

I would work with an actor/actress again because... (eg appearance, personality, dependability...)
Toxxic: I would say one would need to be dependable for sure. That sometimes in my experience seems to be the biggest challenge for people to commit to. Yes, ofc personality and the ability to actually act. I really dig people who can work alone as well, self starters and leaders. People who can help and are willing to help others too.

A new actor/actress can most benefit from...
A new video producer can most benefit from...
Toxxic: Same answer for both questions. I feel like when you are new, stepping into, especially a creative field, you will most likely benefit from the amount of time you put in to practice. Whether that be rehearsals or general creating even just sample pieces. I often really stand behind the belief that you will get out, what you put into any one project. I also think, being social with your community, talking to people, exchanging experiences and tribulations, reaching out and possibly collaborating on projects, benefit new people trying to learn tricks of the trade. When you are new, to anything, you need to open for everything. Keep a positive outlook and just absorb all around you like a sponge.

The SX magazine Awards is a VIR Studios event, offered by Orgazamz Club

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