Sunday, 27 November 2016

SX Magazine Awards - Nominations for the Best Actress Category

Hello dear readers,

It's nominations time again, and it's time for the Best Actress Category. Also, within the next 2 days we'll announce the date for the Gala Event, to which all the applicants are invited. Stay tuned

The nominations for the SX Magazine Award for the category Best Actress are:

RACHEL AVRO  ( watch Rachel's movie here )

URMELI ELLISSON  ( watch Urmeli's movie here )

CARLY MODE  ( watch Carly's movie here )

RIKKI SIXX  ( watch Rikki's movie here )

ERIKA THORKVELD  ( watch Erika's movie here )

Best Luck to all the nominated !

The SX Magazine Awards is a VIR Studios event, offered by Orgazamz Club

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