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Hard Rust - SX Magazine Awards Video Categories Judge

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As we lead up to the SX Magazine Awards, we would like to bring you the full interviews with our video category judges. These are the raw Q&A that formed the basis for the articles we published in the August Issue of SX Magazine. First up, we have a cornerstone of the porn community, Hard Rust. He is a producer as well as a social pillar in the "late night SLT" crowds of porn. And as you can see from the interview, he has a healthy dose of humour and, perhaps, irreverence.

Photo by Maya-el Kusumah
In Hard's Words:
Hard enjoys watching people have fun. Since 2006, he's tried to provide the people of SL with ways to be entertained, usually in a sexual way.  He created Hard Alley to give people a place to roleplay their dirty urban fantasies (the first in SL), and considering the plethora of dirty urban sex sites today, it must have been a pretty good idea.  Hard went on to create the School Girls Gone Bad Detention Center, and later, with his wife Spirit, created Retroville, a 50's themed RP sim based on Hard Alley of the past.  Hard retired from running the sim in 2016 but stays active with the Hard Alley Social Club, located on the Vice Beach Sim.

I got started in movies...
Hard: As a video producer, director, and editor in RL (mostly producing work for the Army), and having what amounted to a sim full of movie sets (Hard Alley), Hard met SL porn video pioneers Emmanuelle Jameson and Serenity Kristan-Faulds and decided to try his hand and producing a quick, fun porn flick.  A succession of videos followed, using standard porn themes such as failing schoolgirl, cheating with the secretary, girls in prison, and down-on-her-luck waitress.  Preferring movies that told stories (usually humorous), Hard teamed up with Ainsley Wirefly for his next movie which was fully scripted and voice acted.  After cranking out yet another simple porn themed movie (naughty nurse), Hard worked with Spirit to produce his longest and last film, "Seams and Dreams Burlesque", winning the Sexiest Award for Best Story.

I enjoy being a producer because...
Hard: Mostly because I enjoy the creative process and have fun telling stories.

I draw inspiration from...
Hard: Old movies.

The best way to deliver the story in a movie is...  (eg. subtitles, captions, the imagery itself... )
Hard: Voice acting makes a huge difference, but subtitles are an acceptable substitute.  It takes a lot of talent to effectively tell a story strictly through visuals.  Music fuck videos don't count.  There's no real story there.

The optimal length for a movie is...
Hard: Normally my answer is "As long as it takes to tell the story", but generally after 5-6 minutes you're going to start losing your audience.  That said, my own movies ranged from 6-19 minutes.

Full in-world scenery or green screen?
Hard: Full in-world scenery is best.  You can create just about anything in SL, so why wouldn't you?

Producing a movie involves... (eg. commentary on steps, time to conceptualize/plan/shoot/edit...)
Hard: Making shit up as you go.  lol.  Usually I have a general idea of the story I want to tell, and I'll shoot the scenes based on that.  As I start editing, I fill in the dialog with subtitles and the story evolves from there.  In RL, I rarely shoot any video without a fully approved script, but that's a bit of overkill for SL.

A successful actress/actor is...
Hard: One that can sit on a poseball quietly while the director captures the video.

I would work with an actor/acctress again because... (eg appearance, personality, dependability...)
Hard: Personality.  For me its all about personality.  We're all here to have fun.  This shouldn't feel like work.  Actors with good personalities during a shoot help keep things fun.

A new actor/actress can most benefit from...
Hard: Networking, going to parties, getting to know people, and not being shy.  Be part of the crowd, not a wallflower.  Other than that, make sure you are willing to alter your appearance if the director asks.

A new producer can most benefit from...
Hard: A lot of alcohol, and a casting couch. *winks*

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